“Most important for a musical, the score is first rate.” Jim Murphy, The Age 28th October 2003

“a crowd pleaser for lovers of intimate musical theatre and is not to be missed." Carl Cranston, Rip It Up 1st March 2010

Nominated for Best New Musical 2003 Green Room Awards  

A musical duologue, After The Beep traces the lives of a 30-ish couple after their relationship of five years ends. From the moment that Jason leaves Samantha behind in their flat the two of them never speak face to face, relying instead upon messages left on their answering machines to communicate.

Jason attempts to deal with the problems of having to move back home with his parents and Sam works her way through all the issues and problems her new found single status creates.

Published by Hal Leonard www.halleonard.com.au

2003: Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne - produced by No Mates Productions
2006: Adelaide Cabaret Festival - produced by Adelaide Cabaret Festival
2010: Adelaide Fringe Festival - produced by Intima



Emma arrives at a new school and runs the gauntlet of finding out about friendship groups and how the game is played in this new setting. Meanwhile Dylan’s social awkwardness means he is spending more and more time on his computer locked away in his room. When Emma finds herself the object of unwanted attention of the school jock Michael, his ex girlfriend Kate uses any means available to put the new girl in her place. The entire situation takes a turn towards the sinister as their on line worlds collides with their lives in a way over which they ultimately have no control and which threatens to have the most disastrous consequences. 

CONNECTED explores the dangers and consequences of the interface between life and the online world in a story that resonates throughout schools and households everywhere. An exciting and engaging production that uses an energetic, fast paced narrative and an edgy original contemporary musical soundtrack, CONNECTED brings into focus the vital issue of the dangers and consequences of not managing online relationships responsibly.

Connected website 

2014: Edinburgh Fringe produced by No Mates Productions


“Truly a show to remember.” Pat Napier, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 20th August 2000

“This is a slick and sophisticated musical... the next Les Miserables.” The Scotsman 2000

“...deserves a full West End style production, which its score and lyrics could carry.”
The Irish Examiner 2000

“All the components of a successful musical are here.” The Age May 1998

CRUSADE is the epic story of the Children’s Crusade which took place in medieval France in the early part of the 13th Century. Told through the eyes of a farmer boy Michael, his young sister Helene, two convent girls Catherine and Suzanne and the shepherd boy at the centre of it all, Stephen of Cloyes, this remarkable episode in history takes us into the world of medieval France. We witness the innocence and naivety of blind faith and the treachery and darkness that lives in the minds of men, as the Crusade explores the power and survival of the human spirit against all odds. It is a journey of hope!

Crusade was first presented and directed by Craig Christie in his residency at Canterbury Girls’ Secondary School in September 1995. The concert of 1998 remains the single biggest concert production of an Australian musical with an original score.

1995: Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College, Melbourne - produced by No Mates Productions
1996: Old Market Theatre, Melbourne - produced by No Mates Productions
1998: Melbourne Concert Hall - produced by Crusade Production Company and Picture This! Productions
2000: GreyFriar’s Kirk, Edinburgh (Edinburgh Festival Fringe) - produced by No Mates Productions and Picture This! Productions
2012: Belltable Arts Centre, Ireland

2000 season at Greyfriars Kirk, edinburgh
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Do Or Die maps the high school conflict between the boys of the football team and the girls of the hockey team as they battle for the right to use the school oval for training. Part gender politics, part high school romance this battle eventually draws in the entire school community, causing havoc with the personal lives of the team captains Kelly and Matt, their best friends Sam and Jonno and the members of the opposing teams. At the heart of the conflict are the football mad Physical Education teacher Mr Richardson and the new teacher at the school Mr Webster who sides with the hockey girls, while the hapless principal Mrs Hamilton presides over the entire scenario.

To complicate matters Kelly is chasing a scholarship to further her sporting ambitions while Matt searches for the heart to champion his team when he has other priorities. Sam wants Jonno who wants Sam - but there was that girl at the party last Saturday night! That kid Stuart Woolley always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And everyone has to try and make sense of their relationships with each other, their friends and their lives. Only one thing is for certain, they all want to win and when it comes to winning it’s Do Or Die.

Published by Hal Leonard www.halleonard.com.au

1999: Billanook College, Melbourne - produced by No Mates Productions
2006: Melbourne University - produced by UMMTA


WINNER - Best New Musical, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007
Nominated Best New Musical, Evening Standard Awards (London) 2008
Voted 3rd Most Popular West End Musical, Whatsonstage Awards 2008
Nominated Best New Musical and Best Choreography, Green Room Awards 2006

Eurobeat (originally Eurovision - the Musical, 2003) is the world’s first interactive musical. Set in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the audience is treated to a faux Eurovision Song Contest featuring entries from across Europe and hosted by the dazzling Boyka and alarming Sergei Puukolisto. Each night the members of the audience, each of whom is endowed with a country of origin, gets to vote for their favourite entries which leads, after a half time ‘spectacular’, into live crosses as the votes are revealed and tallied. In the end a winner is proclaimed and the winning entry returns to the stage for a triumphant reprise of their performance.

2003: Chapel off Chapel, Melbourne - produced by No Mates Productions
2004: Melbourne International Comedy Festival - produced by No Mates Productions
2006: Australian tour (Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney) - produced by Glynn Nicholas Group
2007: Edinburgh Festival Fringe - produced by Glynn Nicholas Group
2008: UK tour - produced by Glynn Nicholas Group
2008: Daegu Musicals Festival, South Korea
- produced by Glynn Nicholas Group and The Patron Company
2008: West End London, Novello Theatre - produced by Glynn Nicholas Group
2009: QPAC Brisbane - produced by Glynn Nicholas Group and QPAC
2007 season at Edinburgh Festival Fringe
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The Food Of Love is a musical program divided into three courses to accompany a three course banquet. The waiters present a tale of love, longing and lust as they move between the tables delivering both the meal and the music. Originally created as a special event to launch the Mildura/Wentworth Arts Festival in 2002, The Food Of Love is a showcase of the collected works of Craig Christie as well as featuring a number of new songs created especially for the event.

2002: Mildura/Wentworth Arts Festival - produced by No Mates Productions
2007: Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore - produced by Dover Park Hospice
Highlights from 2002 Mildura Performance
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Hey Florence! is a show that gives voice to the words and thoughts of the nursing profession. Created as a commission from the Cultural Enrichment Department of Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, USA, the material for the show was drawn from a period during which Craig Christie shadowed nurses from all departments of the hospital going about their day to day duties. From these observations and from the candid and honest thoughts and stories that the nurses shared with the writer, the show was developed as a series of musical vignettes. After the script and score was ratified by representatives of the profession, the production was staged with a cast drawn from actual active duty nurses in celebration of the challenges and triumphs of this remarkable group of people.

Hey Florence! website

2009: Langford Auditorium, Nashville, USA
- Produced by Office of Cultural Enrichment, Vanderbilt University Hospital
2010: New York/New Jersey
- Produced by Office of Cultural Enrichment, Vanderbilt University Hospital
2011: Singapore




Rebecca Long's Greatest Hits - Live In Concert is a crossover between a concert and a musical biography of one of the greatest singers you have never experienced. Created by Craig Christie and Andrew Patterson during a conversation about how to create a musical exploring a raft of pop, soul and funk styles, the show focuses on the central character as she is attempting a comeback. The 1980's pop soul diva Rebecca Long presents her greatest hits live in concert with a hot funk band, a sexy set of backing vocalists and a lot of baggage. Those songs that were chart toppers in the late 70's and early 80's sound better than ever, even if you haven’t heard them before.

2002: Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne - produced by No Mates Productions
2003: Melbourne International Comedy Festival - produced by No Mates Productions
Highlights from 2003 season
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Right Where We Are is the story of life in small towns in Central Victoria. Told in a series of episodes illustrated by song, the show was the result of a series of studies and observations of life in five small towns in this part of Australia that was once the heart of the goldfields and one of the wealthiest and most busting areas in the world in the mid 1850s, but has declined now to a number of small and isolated communities that are nevertheless still vibrant and full of individual character. It was the centrepiece of the Small Towns Big Picture project run by LaTrobe University, who were endeavouring to connect the town’s inhabitants meaningfully with the research being done on the towns by the university. Once completed it was cast from within the communities and undertook a tour of the region, playing in each town in what was an exciting and acclaimed series of performances.

2002: Dunolly, Carisbrook, Maldon, Wedderburn and Talbot, Central Victoria, Australia
- Produced by LaTrobe University Centre for Sustainable Communities
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Footage courtesy of Phillip Ashton




Commissioned by the Sunrise21 Artist in Industry project, Water Into Wine is a song cycle linked by dramatic text that presents snapshots of the stories taken from interviews with and research of the horticultural farmers or ‘blockies’ of the Sunraysia district (north-west Victoria), focusing on the oral history of the women from the region. A series of impressions rather than a narrative, this production premiered at the Mildura/Wentworth Arts Festival 2000, and featured the Silverwater Choir, comprising of women from this region.

2000: Mildura/Wentworth Arts Festival, Mildura - produced by project Sunrise 21
2004: Theatreworks, Melbourne - produced by Magnormos


The White Rose is based on a true story of a group of students at Munich University in 1942 who formed a resistance to Hitler’s regime. It traces the story of Sophie Scholl from her arrival at the university to her involvement in the movement lead by her brother and his friends.

Sophie’s story is one of hope, love and extraordinary courage in the face of danger and despair. Her journey from innocence to understanding and commitment, the sacrifices that she and her fellow members of The White Rose, makes Sophie’s story an inspiring one that resonates through time and space.

The White Rose is a musical production for all people drawn from a story that is as relevant today as it was when it unfolded more than fifty years ago.

Published in Australia by Hal Leonard www.halleonard.com.au
Published in the United Kingdom by Stagescripts www.stagescripts.com

2003: Monash University, Melbourne - produced by Monash University Theatre Studies Department
2003: Esplanade Singapore
- produced by No Mates Productions in association with Monash University
2005: Camp Street Theatre, Ballarat University
- produced by the Music Theatre Department, Ballarat University
highlights from 2003 season
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Footage courtesy of Full Moon Films





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